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The Facilities

COOL GYM offers a versatile choice of equipment for cardio fitness, strength training, & bodyweight biomotor exercise. 

Cardio Room

Provides treadmills, ellipticals,

bikes and rowers.

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Image 7-30-22 at 4_edited.jpg

Weight Room

Holds a full range of free

weights, cages, leg press, multi station strength machine, and

cable machine.

Straps, Balls & More

An assortment of resistance bands, exercise balls, ropes, punching bags, & TRX bands.

Private & group classes available

Circuit Training

A fun rotation of exercise combining strength, cardio & endurance.

Group Fitness

Stability, strength, & endurance.

Functional Fitness

All ages & fitness levels with a strong focus on posture, balance and core stability.

TRX Suspension

All in one fitness to sweat, sculpt, & strengthen.

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